Monday, 18 July 2011

Photographers can't (and won't) sleep at night

And why should we? (Well yes, I can hear some of your muffled screams emerging from the deep, deep depths of the abyss in the far backloops of my mind yelling: Don't forget your day job! You know the one that makes it possible to earn all those bundles of money you have to pay your financially (but more importantly morally) bankrupt government.) Of course, there is no way we can forget that... until somebody puts a camera in our hands, when the whole perspective changes. I mean, really, who would think about all the crap going on when you got a camera in your hand. And two fellow photographers at your side. And suddenly the night is young, the world is pink, everything is in super high definition technicolour, the town is painted red, Wordsworth's daffodils are yellow, and the Muddy Waters' blues that has ridden your troubles bareback all day long suddenly turns a lively aquamarine blue and you dive into it, head first, leaving the black thoughts behind, diving deep, until you hit the cloud's silver lining and skip over the rainbow, take a black & white photo and go home, still unwilling to sleep, but certain that tomorrow is another photo opportunity and let's not forget: tomorrow is just a day away (even though it seems much closer at 3 am).

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