Friday, 8 July 2011


There are not many bands I like seeing in concert on a - what I would have to call now - regular basis. But, you know how it is - some bands are truly live bands, and Joke is certainly one of them. Their energy is infectious, you just can't help but smile and jump with them. Not even the poor lighting (which is a photographer's nightmare - wait! Did I just call myself a photographer there?) could ruin my evening. So if you get the chance, why not? Go and dance the evening away...
(and sorry all for this rather lousy post, but after 4 hours of sleep and sucessfully surviving for most of a very hot day, my brain is like a 6 day old cabbage - I mean 6 days from when it was picked and then forgotten on the bonnet of an old banger driving through the desert (oh, and did I mention that a camel chewed on it?))

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