Friday, 1 January 2016


(well at least some of them) are there for a reason.
I know we have stumbled (I am afraid that with humanity going in the direction we are, stumble is all we are entitled to) into a new year only once I have heard Carina play their traditional New Year concert... This is the Ljubljana's poor man version of the crystal ball descending on Times Square. (Only it doesn't happen at midnight on new year's eve, but roughly 24h later)
But even punk isn't what it used to be. They announce that the concert will start at 10 pm and guess what.... it actually started on time (which meant I was late and almost missed the first band, but managed to come there just in time to take a couple (yes two) of photos of the singer (the other is rather similar to this one).
I had better luck with the next two bands (i.e. I managed to take a few more photos and hear a bit more of their music) So I might as well show you a few photos of each of them (as it is new year)
 The frontman doing his thing
 The drummer playing it cool
  The bass player showing the frontman that he has lost it (the rhythm I mean)
And these were the guys who organised the event
 The singer (in shock)
 One of the two backing vocalists (definitely the cutest one on stage - of the entire night)
The guitarist (who got a pair of knickers thrown at him - I could think of worse ways to start the new year)
And another one of the singer (in a professor's pose) and Neli in the audience.

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