Thursday, 1 October 2015

It was a strange combo

First Rykarda gently lowered us into a soft melancholic mood which made one (I am definitely not telling you lot who) want to look deep into the eyes of the girl standing alongside and tell her just how fucked up this world is and that maybe, just maybe, the world would be a slightly better place if the two of you had a crack at it, and the girl swaying in the dark next to you felt the exact same as Rykarda's The loneliest girl in the world was resonating through the darkness...
But before you got round to actually explaining this to that girl the room was awakened by

the way more energetic and trashy (not in a bad way) girls who absolutely insist on having your child. The difference in the mood was hard to grasp (and even harder to explain), but in the end I managed to master it (even though I might have wanted to stay in the original melancholic mood). 

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