Monday, 6 April 2015

OK. It has been decided

This is where I am going to write my novel* (and considering the setting it will have to be one of the best romantic** novels of all time). Can someone please sort it out that I get it rent free for 3-6*** months?

* or possibly play (and most certainly a book of poetry)... Oh and I will take some photos and record at least some parts of a dance/poetry film.
** and until now I was certain that my first novel will not be a romantic one
***my stay might be prolonged if I get inspired to write/film/photograph/record/... additional things.


  1. May I join you? It looks like there's room for at least two novels. :)
    - Henna

  2. Henna you are always welcome, so come and write your novel in one of the studies. We will meet everyday at 5 in the tea parlour for high tea and discuss our progress and develop new ideas :)

  3. Sounds perfect!