Monday, 4 August 2014

Trnfest - 1st day of the edition that never happened

Supposedly this year's Trnfest is never going to happen. Last year was the last one ever. So roughly a week after it would have started if it would have happened (but which it is not, might I remind you)  we all miraculously gathered at KUD to convince ourselves that it is truly not happening. So what we did not see was the new director of KUD (above) recite a poem and share a few words with us...
 ...we certainly didn't see Brane (iz Ljubljane) perform his antics on stage (nor did we hear him recite his deep and meaningful poetry)...

...nor did we see Katjuša the cat wondering across stage...
    However we did see bat(wo)man sleeping in the cave
 while listening to the soothing sound of the accordion
   and the slightly rougher sounds of the guitar.

 (And this is some of us later on in the evening... not bad for a non-event, eh?)

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