Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year

and we are back to our old tricks. The first thing I wanted to go and photograph was cancelled due to illness (get well soon G or M - I guess it is one or the other and hope that it is not both). On the positive side (I am totally convinced I am one of the most optimistic depressed people ever) that gave me more time to work on the translations I have to hand in soon in the new year (for all of those complaining that you have to go to work on the 2nd already and that we freelancers have got it easy). Anyroad, none of this has got anything to do with all you, so I will just skip to the evening and the photo part (so, without further ado, here it is):
This was the first band (D'Zombies) and this was how we all felt (it was 1st January, so most were still tired from the night before)    
 And here I was playing dodge that sliding trombone with one of the musicians (that was a new game I discovered - so I have already made my first major new discovery of the new year)
 Then came the band that traditionally organises this concert (Carina) and I thought that the singer looked pretty happy.
 (Just a quick photo of the whole band before I sign off. Goodbye and talk to you soon. Oh, and even though I am not much into all this, you might be: Happy New Year to you all)

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