Sunday, 22 July 2012

A fun

Sunday evening. The free festival season, probably my favourite season, is getting on its way. The summer has started breathing and revealing its riches. The girls are giggling in the semi-dark of the night and the boys are drinking beer and challenging each other to walk up and speak to a cute girl. The musicians are playing on the streets, on improvised wooden stages, and people take their time to stop and listen. They don't realise it yet, but this moment will make their evening. This is what they will be talking about the next morning while drinking coffee in their office. This is one of those moments that will put a smile on their lips went they think back to summer. They will remember how happy the musicians were, how relaxed they were and how happy and relaxed everybody around seemed.
(Makes me wonder why this feeling does not run throughout the year - for as the band from the night before (see previous post) said (repeatedly) - every day is a birthday).

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  1. That sums up a lot of what I find to like about summer - and sums it up better than I could have put it.