Wednesday, 9 May 2012

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

I dunno. I guess I could write about how good the first half hour of Estelle's concert was. Before everything that was special was just sucked out and swept underneath (I really have no idea where it went). Or I could even show you one of my photos from her concert. Ok, I guess I might as well show you one.
Or I could write about how I was walking around town and stumbled across this girl I had a sort of crush on almost 20 years ago (you know, a lifetime ago, so far back into the past I only remembered I used to have a crush on her when I started writing this blog) singing with her band. Or I could even post a photo of her singing - on second thought, I might save her the embarrassment.

But instead I will write, or rather post a photo of (from) something I usually don't really think about, and don't care too much about, but my, how things change, and it is not just me becoming a grumpy old man. And just so I don't go on and on explaining in how many ways I disagree with the current politicians and their policies, I will show you the photo and let you think about the rest (and for those reading this blog who are not from Slovenia: the building in the background is the Slovenian parliament, the book in the hand is a Slovenian satirical play from 1910 which deals with politics of the time and the girl holding the book is a Slovenian actress who was reading a role in this play in front of the parliament) So, here it is:

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