Sunday, 4 December 2011

Election day

Which used to suck as there is nobody you really want to vote for that has a chance of actually making it. (as Groucho would say: I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. Which just means that the clever ones stay out of politics and the daft ones that are all into these power games and stuff go into it). So anyway, years back a few friends of mine decided to make elections a bit more fun and organised pre-election pancakes and tea, and then we go off to vote, first to one polling station and then to the other (all together) and in between we stop for coffee or an exhibition or just about anything that tickles our fancy really. And we have kept to this tradition for quite a few various elections. This time was no different and during our walkies round town we stumbled across some model aeroplanes. And it sort of linked in nicely with the story of the political party in Koper which is called Avion (aeroplane) and that we talked about before setting off to vote. My guess is that they are predicting that everybody is going to sit on the plane and leave the country, I mean what else could a name like this mean?

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