Friday, 12 August 2011


I was. And I am still a bit uninspired. My ideas for the text in this blog ranged from a few lines of the Helter Sklelter from The Beatles (You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer (modifying it by adding no singer somewhere into the text) - but I decided it was too mean, so I ditched that idea. Then I wanted to write something about how I thought singers usually attempt notes they have a fighting chance of actually hitting - but this seemed even worse, so I binned this idea. For a brief second I thought I would write something along the lines: There must be something seriously wrong if I do not feel inspired to take photos - either with me or with what is happening around me. And as we all know there is something wrong with me and I am still inspired to take photos, we must assume.... But I decided to totally ignore this idea and not even attempt to develop its full potential. In the end I decided to resort to fantasy land and tossed up the following:


I was, she said as she left the cold embrace

and climbed out of the sticky & sweaty naked bed

putting on her torn jeans and a black T-shirt

she stepped into the four am chilly November morning

walking slowly through the rain

her Chucks soaked through

even before she reached the end of the road


he thought as he slowly climbed out of bed

and sat naked on the window ledge

he stared at the silhouette strolling down the street

tasting the salt on his lips

a long time after she was gone.

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