Sunday, 20 August 2017

Marc Chagall

Following the family get together lunch in Tunbridge Wells (which for some reason coincided with the sex festival) I set off for a little drive around the countryside. In Tonbridge I saw this old man sort of hitchhiking on the side of the road, so I stopped - isn't that the right thing to do? You can't just drive past, can you? He wanted to go to a village nearby and as I really didn't have a plan I said I would drive him there... After a few miles, he said that we are going to pass a really special church very soon and that I should go and see it sometime. As soon as he told me there are some special windows in the church I asked him: Are they the ones by Marc Chagall? (I had been meaning to go and see them one day, but on this day I had no idea I was so close to them) He replied that they were, so I said I would go and see the church as soon as I dropped him off... But he said well let's go now, it is on the way anyway... So we did.... And as we where there he told me all about the local family and the story behind the windows... I would tell you all about it, but I am sure that if you go there you will meet this old man hitchhiking somewhere nearby, so just pick him up and let him lead the way while he tells you all the local stories.

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