Sunday, 23 November 2014

Ahhh... It's Sunday....

My day off ...
So what do you do on your day off?
I started it off with a bit of translation. I am so far behind with it all I have a feeling somebody it 7201 AD built a time travelling machine, just so he could send me back to 491 BC so I could be further behind. No, wait, but that would mean I have got much more time to finish my translations that need to be handed in by December 2014. And you know what that means, don't you? It means I have more time to take photos. So off I go to my (yes, I feel at home there now, so I might just as well call it my) local theatre and take a portrait of an up and coming young director.

After that I put a bunch of talented young actors and a producer in my newly MOT-ed car (oh it is good to have a road worthy car again) and we drove off to the country side (it was Sunday after all), where we met up with one of our mates and spent some quality time together.  

Even though it was Sunday, we could not behave like it was Sunday all day. We headed back to the theatre for some serious rehearsals (and as we learnt how to be proper swines, we might have hung one or two passersby who did not show full cooperation, but that is what the country seems to be teaching us to do).

Late in the evening (well you know, for a day off, late in the evening), when the rehearsals were finished I wanted to take another portrait of Nina, sitting on the stage set up for her performance, and luckily for me she was kind enough to humor me, so here it is.

After all this I had to go home to bed, because guess what, tomorrow is just another working day.

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