Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I've been to the sea

a lot over the past three weeks. And as it was the post-season sea, it was great (or might one say awesome?). But what I really, really missed was a bit of live music, a play, a performance and maybe an exhibition or two (non-existent or extremely hard to find in a small post season tourist town, that seems to be closing down for the winter)... So whenever I came back to Ljubljana during these three weeks I needed to make up for le temps perdu.
Yesterday I decided to go and listen to Tal Kesari, a young Israeli musician from Tel Aviv. Really enjoyed the concert in the subtle and intimate settings, but during the concert I once again realised (really, realised once again?) how much I need to understand the lyrics. And I didn't. Which was a great shame because the slightly melancholic sounds of the songs made me think I would truly enjoy them (the lyrics I mean, I enjoyed the songs anyway).
Once the concert ended I was left there, wanting more. More live music. So I trotted down to Celica, where QuatroPorTango were playing.
 And they have sure improved in leaps and bounds since the first time I saw them in KUD in June 2009 (and then again in August of the same year). So thumbs up to you guys! But even after the second concert of the night, I felt I needed more (even though I was sleepy and a part of me (the battered and weary body part) was making some muffled noises that sounded exceptionally like - I want to go home. I managed to ignore these voices and pretend I never heard them), so once more I trotted onwards. This time to Prulček for a bit of good ol' fashioned jamming.

After this and a beer I finally felt I had enough and could go home to bed and bid all my bedbugs (which will bite me) goodnight and wait for the morning to come.

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