Sunday, 6 April 2014

The play that made me totally and utterly homesick

The room spun, four elephants (not just any regular African or Indian elephants, but the four elephants that spend their days standing on the turtle and carrying the weight of this world on their shoulders) appeared from the darkness of the theatre (yes, there seems to be a lot of darkness in the theatre) and decided to sit on my chest (but of course, where else would they sit) making breathing a bit less bearable and a bit more of a struggle.
Suddenly I felt alone, a bit lost in this world (I do use suddenly rather loosely in this context as for some strange inexplicable reason I feel like this quite often). Sitting there, in the darkness, thinking about the world, me, what I want to do, where I want to go, who I want to touch. 
It also made me think how strange it is that you can long so strongly for a place, its feel, its hustle and bustle (for some strange reason the photos from the underground only made it harder to breathe) when in many ways it seems that most (albeit not all) of the people (and I always was a people person in a slightly withdrawn way) that I love and care for are here, in the place I live.
Anyroad, to get out of this feeling (yes, you can imagine I was the life and soul of the drinks after the show), I guess I must do something about all this. Soon (Arrghh). Which will be tough (for all of those who don't know why, I would prefer to keep it that way).

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