Thursday, 30 August 2012

After seeing

a fun performance by Jolika Sudermann and Alma Söderberg (it was called A talk) I went to see Kunsten A Bli Tam (well, I did pop in on a small concert on the way). The last performance of the day showed a dying old man, a  little red ridding hood, a 3D projected scene and a part that reminded me of Soylent Green (or at least I think the scene I have in mind is from this film - but as I have seen it only once in 1985 I might be wrong) - which I unfortunately did not photograph as that part was too quiet (so you have a similar scene that was louder and I could photograph here). But the scene I have in  mind is when the old man (in the film) went to be euthanised and turned into cookies (or sausages or whatever they were turned into). He laid down on a bed and was given a choice of 3D (sort of) scenes that he could watch while dying peacefully. And he chose the forest and a deer that reminded him of the time the world was not so screwed up. And in this play there is a similar scene. There is a man lying on what is a hospital bed and the forest in 3D surrounding him. And as soon as I saw this I remembered Soylent Green and the whole scene was suddenly heavily burdened by the idea of the world that is witnessing its destruction.

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