Monday, 2 January 2012

My blog is going to hospital

and behind this round opening it is. I think I found myself a bit stuck... or just low on energy... or thinking about a new concept. I have had this blog for just over two years (25 months) and in this time I have posted 707 entries. When I started it off the only idea I had was that I will post 1 photo every day. Of course I wanted them to be as good as possible. And I wanted them to improve. And, of course, as any blogger, I wanted people to read my posts or at least look at the photos ... Well, so far I have managed to post a photo on most days, even though there were some when I didn't post anything. There were one or two days I just posted a little text. There were a few days I felt like breaking my own rule and I posted more than a single photo (oh, I do like to live dangerously) and it seems like people do look at my blog. I can see the blog counter telling me so, and surprisingly I get stopped in the streets by people who say they read it, or look at the photos, and usually this happens just when I start to think nobody is really looking at it, so what's the point? I don’t know. What is the point? I just like taking photographs. I also like to write. I like sharing. And I also like... oh well, this one would get to personal so I will skip it...
Anyway. I am thinking of changing my blog to some sort of a different format and I am looking for new ideas... well I am not looking very actively, because I seem to be taking a bit of a breather at the moment, but I would welcome any suggestions from all of you who follow this blog (or from at least a few of you)... I guess in the end I might just have a little bit of a breather and continue with the blog as it is, but evolution never killed anybody, did it? (Well except for the obvious ones, like the Neanderthals, the Dodo, Mammoths, and the millions of others....). So anyway, if you have an idea, tell me.


  1. Suncan has set us some homework . . .

  2. tumbler?
    tito? (just cause it starts with t?

  3. While I've been thinking about this, quite a few new posts have appeared, so I'll say 'yay' to them again here. I haven't come up with a great new direction for the blog, but it became clear to me while thinking about it that the posts I most enjoy are those where the writing takes on a fantasy life of its own and provides a creative complement to the photos rather than just a commentary on them. A recent example of this is Boxing day's post,'I've had enough'. So my suggestion would be to eliminate the pressure of a 'daily photo' and post on those occassions when you are moved to produced that sort of post. Of course, if this was a temporary lapse and you are going back to daily posts, then I for one won't be complaining about that.