Thursday, 1 September 2011


again. I only took four photos today (which is not a lot by my standards). And all of the ones I took, I took with my phone while cycling. (Can they truly be called photos if they are done with a mobile phone?). Usually I see something while cycling, stop and take a photo, this one though I took, when Tanja (yes for a change I had company on my short morning cycling tour) and I stopped at the lake for tea and coffee (but not sympathy mind you).  So this is where we sat for morning tea, great isn't it? Maybe this photo will convince somebody else to join me some other day...

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  1. photos taken with a mobile phone: motos? phonos? phobos? mobos? ... What a great phono is this! Sunč is a really good phonographer! A short course in phonography etc. ...?